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August, already?

This year has flown by! Not quite sure if it's because all of the wedding planning/festivities kept us so busy or because I am getting older. (My mom always says the older you get, the faster time flies by.) Needless to say, I cannot believe it is already August! With the end of summer in sight, it can only mean one thing around the Johnson home. FOOTBALL SEASON IS AMONG US!

The Utes started fall camp a couple of weeks ago and Brian has been hard at work getting ready for his first season as the Offensive Coordinator. I am so psyched for him and I know Bri is excited too (although he always remains calm, cool and collected!) I try to keep up on daily practice reports - if you don't already, make sure you follow Bill Riley on Twitter @espn700bill. He does a good job & posts daily audio interviews with Coaches and Players. I also love to read the Salt Lake Tribune SEEING RED blog and looking at all of the great pictures they take. I must say, I am pretty pumped for the home opener at Rice Eccles Stadium on August 30th!

Coachin' him up! Brian w/ freshman QB, Travis Wilson at the Utes first practice of fall camp.

With hubs working long days, I manage to fill up my free time with the following:

- Girls Dinners - Gotta love girl time and a glass of wine.
- Cleaning - I have OCD really bad - anyone who has been to my house knows I cannot handle anything out of place or dirty.
- Working out - I fell off track for a little while, but I finally feel like I am getting back into the groove.
- DIY Projects - I am making the CUTEST wreath, pics to come when it is complete.
- Party Planning - Whether it is a birthday dinner or my sister's baby shower, there is always an event to prepare for.
- Prepping for Football Season - Every year I order new Cold Gear from Under Armour so I am prepared for whatever weather conditions come our way during game time.

Although I will miss the summer months, here's to a great year and an amazing football season! See you all at the games and as always, GO UTES!

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