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Bridal Gown Update

Quick wedding update: My mom, two of my sisters (we missed you, Kelly) and two of my good friends went with me this weekend so I could try on my fave wedding dresses one more time. After the final dress (or what I thought was the final dress) my sister, Kirsten, suggested we run by one more dress shop which happens to be where she bought her beautiful gown. Long story short, I ended up finding 2 dresses that I LOVE! They are very different from what I thought I originally wanted but I am so happy I tried them on. I hope to make a decision in the next couple of weeks and I can't wait to put it on next summer!


The Look

As I continue to prep for the big day, I am starting to envision my entire look for the ceremony and reception. Here are some makeup trends that I love...

Fresh face looks

A bit of DRAMA


5 years and counting...

Last week, Brian and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary! I am so blessed to have him in my life, as my best friend, and soon-to-be husband! Here are some things I adore about Brian:

1. He always makes me laugh. Even when I am cranky, he can get a smile out of me when no one else can.
2. He is so positive and optimistic. I have learned to be a better person because of him. 
3. No one works harder than he does and he never complains, ever. I admire his hard work and dedication. 
4. When I get worked up, he remains calm. His laid back personality keeps me balanced. 
5. He supports me in all of my decisions, no matter what. 

It's been a fun five years. Cheers to another 50! I love you, Babe!!!

2006 - The first picture we took together!

Celebrating Bri's 21st Birthday in Las Vegas

They caught us!

2009 - Kissing the Sugar Bowl Trophy for good luck. It worked!

NYC EA Sports Trip - Unveiling of NCAA 2009 Cover

Mexico, 2010

Dancing at my sister's wedding