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In the News

Brian came home yesterday and said there was an article in the newspaper about our wedding. I, of course, thought he was teasing me. I asked several times if he was joking but to my surprise he pulled up an article on Deseret titled, "Johnson, longtime girlfriend to tie knot." (You can read the article HERE). We also saw that ESPN Pac 12 tweeted about it!

I thought it was pretty cool, but more importantly, I got butterflies in my stomach when I read what Brian said in the article. I am one lucky gal. :)

A Flower Disaster!

As I plan an event, whether it be a baby shower, birthday party or wedding, I always like to ask people for vendor suggestions. A few friends recommended Skyline Floral to do the flowers at our wedding and several pepole raved about their pricing. I saw a few pictures of the centerpieces and bouquets Skyline did for my friends and they were beautiful! There was no way I was going to pass up a great price AND gorgeous flowers. I met with Sandra at the flower shop and was shocked when I sat down with the 80-something year old woman who was rather blunt and cold but I felt like as the conversation went on, I won her over and we ended up having a pretty good conversation. I showed her several photos of example centerpieces and bouquets that I like and she quoted me some prices (which I wrote down, of course.) Sandra said she refused to put white hydrangeas in bouquets, but stated she would use them in centerpieces that had water in them. (She claimed they wilt too fast in July.) After a second meeting with her, something just didn't feel right. I decided I would order a sample centerpiece, to ease my mind. Boy, am I happy I did.

First, Sandra told me she now refuses to put white hydrangeas in the centerpieces. When I reminded her that isn't what she told me, she denied ever saying that she would. I let that slide but here is where I freaked out... I picked up the floral arrangement and the flowers were ALL WRONG! There was a TON of greenery, which I specifically said I did not want, and there were flowers in there I didn't order! The worst part of all of this was that when I gasped and informed them this wasn't at all what I orderd, they shrugged their shoulders and said, "That is what we had." Ummmmmmmm, excuse me? That is "what you had"? Who does business like that?

Needless to say, that order has been canceled. I am meeting with some florists this week and I am anxious to get this done. I cannot stress to all you brides-to-be out there how important it is to order a sample before paying anyone for a job that could potentially ruin your entire vision. I learned a valuable lesson this time and I am so thankful it was 3 months prior to the wedding day.

Here is the photo I showed Skyline...

Here is what I got...


Home Sweet Home

I am a project junkie. I take on so much at one time, and I can't ever sit still. So, aside from wedding planning, Brian and I decided to start decorating our house, room by room. We wanted to have a few things done before our wedding this summer (which is only 97 days away, but who's counting?)  so it felt more like home when we officially start our lives together.

We began with our master bedroom and bathroom. With our busy schedules, we decided to get some help from Ashley Winn Design (thank you, Ash!) Together, we picked everything out and Ashley worked hard to put the room together for us while we were at work. We are thrilled with the way the room turned out! We were going for a very calm space that we could relax in after a long days work and I think we more than achieved the look and feel we had in mind.

Below are some before and after photos. I can't believe how blah our room was before the transformation!



My best friend in the whole world and her mom recently threw me a bridal shower. It was so beautiful and the food was to die for! I am so thankful to my family and friends for their love and support on this very special day. One of my dear friends since high school even flew out from Seattle for the event! I loved celebrating with each and every one of you. I can't thank Danielle and Tanya enough for all they did for me. XOXO

The beautiful decor!

CHEERS! Thank you for the toast that brought tears to my eyes. 

My mama!

My buttercup from Seattle, Nikki

The Chapman Gals

Some of my other ladies. Love you all!