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Home Sweet Home

I am a project junkie. I take on so much at one time, and I can't ever sit still. So, aside from wedding planning, Brian and I decided to start decorating our house, room by room. We wanted to have a few things done before our wedding this summer (which is only 97 days away, but who's counting?)  so it felt more like home when we officially start our lives together.

We began with our master bedroom and bathroom. With our busy schedules, we decided to get some help from Ashley Winn Design (thank you, Ash!) Together, we picked everything out and Ashley worked hard to put the room together for us while we were at work. We are thrilled with the way the room turned out! We were going for a very calm space that we could relax in after a long days work and I think we more than achieved the look and feel we had in mind.

Below are some before and after photos. I can't believe how blah our room was before the transformation!


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  1. Beautiful Ash! Love the curtains and rug... Where did you find them? Every detail is just perfect, seriously!