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Stuck on the Ceremony.

We are stuck. Where, oh where, should our wedding ceremony take place? Brian and I originally wanted to get married at the Cathedral of the Madeline downtown. We are both Catholic and so we thought this was going to be perfect. It is a beautiful church and close to our reception location. What is the problem you ask? You only have two time options for a Saturday wedding; 11:00 am and 1:30 pm. Being that we want a late afternoon ceremony so our guests can head to the cocktail hour, then straight to dinner, this won't work.

Maybe it is a fault of mine, but I look at my wedding from a guest's point of view and I want it to be as convenient as possible, hence the reason of keeping everything in a close proximity. I think we will look at some outdoor options, although if next July is anything like this past July, it will rain every day! If we find a place we love that is outdoors we will definitely need to have plan B set and ready. Hopefully we can find a place soon... this seems to be the only thing holding me up at this point. As soon as we get this settled, it's on to fun details!

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  1. Girl, I can't believe how on top of things you are for your wedding! You will love being so organized because when that big day comes it will be nothing but fun and great and perfect... you get my drift! I'm sure wherever you choose will be amazing. It's nice of you to think of your guests, but remember it is your day! People will be happy to be a part of it because you are loved!